Professor of English Literature and Culture Marianthi Yanni taught from 1986 until 2012 in the Department of Literature and Culture of the Faculty of English, from where she received her B.A. before moving on to graduate studies (M.A. Classical Studies, M.A. and Ph.D. English Literature). She taught Greek and English Literature at Wayne State University in Michigan, USA, and Comparative Literature at the University of Crete. At the Faculty of English in Athens, she served as Chair of the Department of Literature and Culture, as well as Vice-President and President of the Faculty. Her main areas of interest are the English Renaissance, in particular Shakespeare in his global dimension, and the theory of the novel. Her publications include various articles, and the following books: The Faerie Queene and the Greek Romances, Sense of a Self: Subjectivity and Language in John Donne's Songs and Sonnets, and Shakespeare's Travels: Greek Representations of Hamlet in the 19th century. Additionally, she has edited the first reprint of the 1889 Greek translation of Hamlet by I. Polylas, and the manuscript of a 1910 Greek version of King Lear by C. Theotokis. She has served as a Greek field editor in the journal World Literature Today and is currently an active member of the International Committee of the World Shakespeare Bibliography.