Bessie Dendrinos holds a position as Professor Emerita of Sociology of Language and Foreign Language Education. Interested in socially accountable applied linguistics, she follows a critical discourse analysis approach to investigate language education policies, FLT curricula, materials and pedagogic practices, as well as local and international language certification examination systems. Since 2002 she has been deeply involved in developing a new ‘glocal’ suit of language examinations known by the acronym KPG exams, leading to a state certificate of language proficiency, and she is responsible for the English exams project and research that involves collaboration with sixty academics, testing experts and EFL professionals from Greece and abroad.

While some of her publications in the past focused on gendered discourse and the language of bureaucracy in Greece, her main concern has been to contribute to pedagogies which will enhance a multicultural ethos of communication and plurilinguslism, as attested is her books, The Hegemony of English, co-authored with D. Macedo and P. Gounari, winner of the 2004 AESA Critics’ Choice Award (and translated in Spanish, Portuguese and Greek), and Policies of Linguistic Pluralism and the Teaching of languages in Europe (co-authored with B. MItsikopoulou).  Her most recent books include The Politics of Foreign Language Policies, Teaching and Testing, 2020 and the forthcoming edited collection Mediation as Linguistic and Cultural Negotiation of Meanings and Plurilingualism, Routledge.

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