Maro Germanou has studied English Literature and Drama in Greece and England and she is currently a Professor of English Literature at the Faculty of English Language and Literature. Her research areas focus on twentieth century British and Irish Drama, contemporary reading of classical texts and literary theory. She has published her articles in a series of journals (Γράμμα /Gramma, Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Modern Drama, Comparative Drama, Σύγχρονα Θέματα) and she has written three books: Re-reading Shakespeare: Post-war Approaches (Athens: Parousia series no.19, 1992), Remembrance of Things Past. The Second World War in British Alternative Theatre (Athens: Parousia series. 36, 1996), and the Ακατονόμαστο Θέατρο του Σάμουελ Μπέκετ: Αλήθεια, μνήμα, εξουσία (Athens, nissos publications, 2007).