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The School is surrounded by parking lots for those of you using cars, but on working days it is hard to get a good spot! Also, be warned: While the main gate of the campus (on Ymettou/Ulof Palme street, Kaisariani) is open until 8:30pm, the upper side gates (the one at upper Kaisariani, facing the Near East stadium, and the one at Zografou, by the cemetery) are open to vehicles ONLY between 7-9am and 2-4pm. The whole campus area is off-limits to vehicles during weekends, and all School entrances are closed, except for the Museum side entrance.

There is an internal bus line circling the Zografou campus free of charge. Its start/end terminal is located at the lower Kaisariani gate of the campus on Ymettou/Ulof Palme street, which is also the main gate of Panepistimioupoli. It goes only one way, up and then circling down, stopping at all the major Schools inside the campus, as well as at the Gym facilities—you just get up when your stop is near, or just ask the driver for help. There are two bus-stops serving the School of Philosophy: one at the corner after the School of Natural Sciences, opposite entrances 4 and 5, and one at the lower right side of the School, leading to the main entrance (2nd floor). This line is convenient for those who live close to the campus, or inside the Student Dormitories. It runs from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm every 15 minutes at the hour until 2:00 pm, and from then on every 20-30 minutes until 8:00 pm.

Several city bus lines can bring you to, or inside, the campus from the Athens area, as follows. Click on the bus line title for details:

Popular external bus line, due to its great length and frequent rides. Connection with Metro at “Panepistimio” and “Evangelismos” stops. Line ends at the Zografou campus gate, a short walk up towards the School of Philosophy building.

Very convenient line, specially established for students, takes you from the convenient Evangelismos bus/metro station (two locations, front on Vasilissis Sophias avenue or side stop on Rizari street) inside and around the various campus Schools (one-way only) every 15 minutes until roughly 9:00pm on weekdays. NOTE: it only stops at the lower stop of the School of Philosophy. NOTE 2: If you ride the bus entirely within the limits of the campus, you do not need a ticket!

This line might be convenient if you live downtown in Athens, and from the district of Zografou onwards follows the same route as 608.

This bus starts and stops at a small terminal near the School of Theology, at the foot of a side-road leading upwards to the School of Philosophy. It goes through the main Ilissia streets.

Same terminal as 221, but follows a different route through the Ilissia district after the Evangelismos station.

Through Syggrou avenue, but only available infrequently. Takes a break outside the School of Theology and circles around the upper campus once before departing.

Serves equally students living in the Glyfada-Ilioupoli areas and those living around Katechaki, Polygono, and the three hospitals (Army, Paidon, Laiko). A very long ride. Get off at the “Student Dormitories” stop (“Foititikes Esties”) and walk a short distance to the campus stop for either the internal bus or 250.