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With support from the Canadian Government and the University of Athens, the first Canadian Studies Centre in Greece was established in September 2000. The Centre brings together two of the university's largest Faculties (Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Political Science, Law and Public Administration) with the aim of increasing the knowledge and understanding of Canada in Greece and by encouraging and supporting interdisciplinary co-operation of Canadianists in Greece and elsewhere.

Co-directors of the Centre are Professor Mary Koutsoudaki and Professor Michalis Spourdalakis. The Centre's main activities include:

  • the organization of events throughout the year including guest lectures, book presentations, seminars and conferences;
  • support for initiatives that encourage closer collaboration between Greek and Canadian academics;
  • the development of courses that are taught at the University of Athens such as the ''Canadian Literature'' course which is taught during the 6th semester at the Department of English Language and Literature.

The Canadian Studies Centre is located at:

42-44 Aiolou Street Athens
Tel: 210.368.9543,
Email: ccs[at]cc.uoa[dot]gr

For information on Canadian Studies refer to International Council for Canadian Studies
For information on Canadian universities refer to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada