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Bessie Mitsikopoulou is Professor at the Department of English Language and Literature, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She holds a PhD in Critical Discourse Analysis (University of Athens), an MA in Applied Linguistics (University of Reading), a Postgraduate Specialist Diploma in Computers in Education (Institute of Education, University of London) and a BA in English Language and Literature (University of Athens). Her research interests are in the areas of critical discourse analysis, educational and applied linguistics, digital media in foreign language education, language education and literacy. Her recent publications include The  Political  and  Pedagogical  Discourse  for  Foreign  Language  Education (co-editor with E. Karavas, Athens: Pedio, 2020), Developments in  Glocal  Language  TestingThe  Case  of  the  Greek  National  Foreign  Language  Proficiency  Exam (co-editor with E. Karavas, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2018) and Rethinking  Online  EducationMediaIdeologiesand  Identities (New York: Routledge, 2015).

As co-ordinator of foreign languages in the Advanced B Level ICT Training for teachers, she has edited the volume of the Reference Material for the training of trainers and for the training of language teachers all over Greece. She is also co-ordinator of the English language group and Member of the Scientific Committee of the Digital School Projects I and I, developing more than 1,000 Open Educational Resources for the teaching of the English language in Greek primary and secondary schools (hosted in Photodentro LOR and Video repositories). She has also co-ordinated a number of other projects: the design and implementation of “Aesop”, the platform for digital educational scenarios of the Institute of Educational Policy; the design and development of the KPG e-school, a website aiming to connect the National Foreign Language Exam System with Greek schools. She has participated in several research and EU projects in the areas of academic literacies and the teaching of languages in higher education. Since 2004 she has been Co-ordinator of English literacy for the Second Chance Schools in Greece, and a member of the Scientific Committee for Second Chance Schools. Together with Professor Liana Sakelliou-Schultz they edited Literacy in English: Curriculum, Methodological Suggestions, Educational Materials (Athens: Ministry of Education, 2006).

She is Director of the Centre of Self-Access Learning and Materials Development at the Department of English Language and Literature. She has published in various Greek and international academic journals and books.

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