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Angeliki Tzanne is Professor in Language and Linguistics. After having obtained her BA from the University of Athens, she pursued postgraduate studies (Μ.Α and Ph.D.) at Lancaster University, England. She has been teaching at the Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Athens, since 1999. Her research interests include Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics, Stylistics and Discourse Analysis, with particular emphasis on academic discourse and television discourse. Some of her recent publications are Talking at Cross-Purposes: The Dynamics of Miscommunication. (2000, Pragmatics and Beyond New Series. Amsterdam: John Benjamins), ‘“What you’re saying sounds very nice and I’m delighted to hear it’: some considerations on the functions of presenter-initiated simultaneous speech in Greek panel discussions” (2001, in Bayraktaroğlu, A. & M. Sifianou (eds.) Linguistic Politeness αcross Boundaries: The Case of Greek and Turkish. Amsterdam and New York: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 271-306), “Challenging the centre: The dynamic construction of identity in the conversations of a group of young people in Greece” (2004, in collaboration with Argyris Archakis, in Dokou, C., Mitsi, E. and Mitsikopoulou, B. (eds.) Τhe Periphery Viewing the World. Selected Papers from the Fourth International Conference of the Hellenic Association for the Study of English. Athens: Paroussia, 66-72), and “Narrative Positioning and the construction of situated identities” (2005, in collaboration with Argyris Archakis, in Narrative Inquiry 15(2): 267-291).