John Chioles alternated between a Professorship in the Philosophy of Culture at the Faculty of English in Athens and one teaching Comparative Literature at NYU, thus linking both sides of the Atlantic with his valuable transdisciplinary and transcultural teaching experience. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Hunter College, U.S.A. (1962), an M.A. from the University of California, Berkeley (1964), and an Interdisciplinary doctorate in Dramatic Literature, Theory, Criticism, and Directing for the Stage-Interdisciplinary (1972). His areas of research/interest include Theatre, Philosophy, Literary Theory, and Literary texts. In the 1990s, Prof. Chioles has returned to Greek with three critical books (Theoria Tis Logotechnias, 1995; O Tragodos Aischylos, 1998; Theoria Tis Theatrikis Praxis, 2005), a book of short stories in Fall 2004, and a novel in progress. In English, he has been deeply concerned with the complex problem of rendering theatrically a number of ancient tragedies, culminating in his work Aeschylus: Mythic Theatre, Political Voice (1995), along with a forthcoming book on Sophocles. As a theatre director, he has staged works from the entire canon, including new English and American plays. Professor Chioles's play Romeo the Pothead and Juliet the Snitch was published (2004, in Greek) by Kastaniotis Editions in Athens.