Born in Athens, Greece, in 1956, Liana Sakelliou studied English at the University of Athens (B.A.), Edinburgh (Grad Diploma), Essex (M.A.), and The Pennsylvania State University (Ph.D.). She is Professor in English at The University of Athens where she teaches Creative Writing and American Literature. Her poems, scholarly articles, book reviews, and translations have been published in Greece and the U.S.A. She received the Fulbright Award for the Arts in 1992, the Fulbright Award for Scholarship in 2000, and the Stanley J. Seeger Research Fellowship in 2001. She has been a Visiting Fellow at The University of California, Berkeley and Davis (1992); Northwestern University, Evanston (2000); and Princeton University (2001). Her publications include Denise Levertov: An Annotated Primary and Secondary Bibliography, Garland, New York, 1988; Touches in the Flow [Collection of Poems], Nefeli, Athens, 1992; Brendan Kennelly’s Blarney Stone [Trans. and Intro.],Erato, Athens, 1992; Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Man Against the Sky [Monograph], Gutenberg, Athens, 1994; Feminist Criticism on American Women Poets: An Annotated Critical Bibliography, Garland, New York, 1994; Gary Snyder: The Poetics and Politics of Place [Edition, Translation of Poems, Monograph]; Odysseas, Athens, 1998; Introduction to H.D.’s Trilogy [Edition, Translation of Poems, Monograph], Gutenberg, Athens, 1999; Denise Levertov’s Poetry of Revelation, 1988-1998: The Mosaic of Nature and Spirit [Monograph], Typothito, Athens, 1999; Second Creation [Libretto], Association of Fulbrighters in Greece, 2000; Take Me Like a Photograph [Collection of Poems with CD], Typothito, Athens, 2004, and its translation into English by David Connolly published by Typothito in 2005. Since 1996 she has introduced the creative writing seminar into the undergraduate curriculum and has edited the annual periodical αformes containing the senior students’ poems and short stories. In 2006 she co-edited the best of aformes in a book entitled morfes A. Since 2005 she has been Thematic Consultant of English Literacy for the Second Chance Schools in Greece. Together with Assistant Professor Bessie Mitsikopoulou they edited Literacy in English: Curriculum, Methodological Suggestions, Educational Materials (Ministry of Education, Athens, 2006).