Effrossyni (Effie) Fragkou is an Associate Lecturer with the Faculty of the English Language and Literature as of October 2017. Upon completing her BA studies in French Language and Literature at the University of Athens, she pursued a Master’s Degree in trilingual professional translation at the ‘Université Marc Bloch de Strasbourg’, where she also trained in conference interpreting. In 2000, she was awarded a full scholarship from the Hellenic Scholarship Foundation and moved to Canada to pursue a second Master’s degree in translation theory, at York University, Glendon College, under the supervision of the late Daniel Simeoni. She then did her PhD at the University of Ottawa under the guidance of the well-renowned translation theorist, Annie Brisset, and Jacques Bouchard of the University of Montreal, one of the very few internationally acknowledged Hellenists. In Canada, Effrossyni also trained as a community interpreter and worked in the field using her three working languages (English, French and Greek). In Greece, she was worked as an FSL teacher for the public secondary educational system, while pursuing her passion, namely, translation. Her research interests evolve around the following areas: the sociological turn in translation studies; retranslation in relation to classical philosophy; discourse analysis for translational purposes; the role of translation as a means for improving language teaching, as well as the didactics of specialized translation (with emphasis on medical and legal translation). Lately she has been interested in lexicography, especially that of specialized dictionaries and their use in teaching translation and medical interpreting. Since 2012, Effrossyni has been teaching healthcare interpreting (EN <> FR), online, in the Master’s in Conference Interpreting Program of York University, Glendon College, and is one of the founding members and curriculum developers of the said program. Her interest in community interpreting, in general, and healthcare interpreting, in particular, is at the heart of her current research and it’s the reason she has been appointed National Expert for Greece at the ISO/TC 37/SC 5 – Translation, Interpreting and Related Technology Subcommittee, which is entrusted with developing and implementing standards for medical interpreting. Additionally, Effrossyni offers courses at the Institute for Languages of the University of Athens. Finally, she actively participates in conferences, in Greece and abroad, and publishes her research in national and international journals while pursuing a series of lexicographical and translational projects.