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Argyros Protopapas is a Romanticist and P. B. Shelley specialist (ΒΑ Univ. of Athens, ΜΑ Univ. of  Southampton, PhD Univ. of Athens) and Visiting Fellow in the English Dept., Univ. of Athens. He has taught English at the Univ. of Athens and Southampton and Greek at the Univ. of Westminster. His early involvement in the Philosophy Seminar of the Univ. of Athens (1980-86) is reflected on his work contrasting the scientific culture of Romanticism to Classical Philosophical thought. He conducted research on Shelley’s poetry sponsored by the British Academy and the Univ. of Southampton under the supervision of Isobel Armstrong, James Sambrook and Paul Hamilton (1987-96) and, in the Univ. of Athens, of M. B. Raizis and S. Iliopoulos (1996-2004). He has published broadly on Shelley and Byron, W. B. Yeats and T. S. Eliot and, as a published poet, introduced the Experimental Poetry Workshop in the English Dept. of the Univ. Athens. (2007-8). His monograph, P.B. Shelley’s Poetic Science: His Visionary Enterprise and the Crisis of Self-Consciousness (Edwin Mellen Press, 2012), tracing the epistemological premises of Shelley’s visionary enterprise, has earned critical acclaim (The Byron Journal, The Keats-Shelley Review). This emphasis on early cognitive science, which accords with Dr. Protopapas’s earlier candidature in Medicine, informs a forthcoming study further exploring Shelley’s visionary enterprise as mental mechanism of poetry composition. As English teacher and educator and a ΒΑ holder from the Law School of the Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki specialized in Economics and Public International Law, he has held teaching and EU posts and has been involved in Peace and Olympic Truce projects in education.