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The main aim of the new project in support of the KPG exams, with a 3.500.000 grant from the European Social Fund and the Greek state, is to develop graded pen-and-paper exams for the three basic levels of language competence (i.e. 1. Basic User Level –the graded A level exam; 2. Autonomous User level –the graded B level exam; 3. Proficient User – the graded C level exam). It also aims at introducing ICT in the exam system in two ways: (1) to develop an e-test generator and e-test item banks in all the KPG languages, and (2) to create an e-learning platform through which to offer distance learning and training opportunities to KPG examiners and script evaluators.

The new project, which has just begun, and is planned to be completed in 2013, also aims to facilitate the exams in one of KPG’s new languages, Spanish, as well as the most recent KPG language to be introduced –a neighbouring language of Greece: Turkish.

Another important goal of the new project is to link the KPG exams with the mainstream educational system and make it possible to offer exam preparation classes in school.