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The META-FRASEIS Translation Programme is a multimedia educational programme on translation, which seeks to highlight the potential of translation to raise awareness of socio-cultural and socio-linguistic specificity. It aims at creating online educational material on translation, intercultural variation and identity. It investigates translation from a variety of theoretical perspectives that would contribute to the study of intercultural and linguistic variation as it is inscribed in discourse and is manifested through translation practice. It addresses students and a broader audience interested in issues related to the complexity of language transfer. The series aims at enhancing learning experience at the university, by developing online learning materials complementary to coursework, and opening up topics dealt with at university to a broader audience.

The programme is the result of a collaboration between the Faculty of English Studies, School of Philosophy, University of Athens (Co-ordinator: Prof. Maria Sidiropoulou) and the Network Operation Center, Αdvanced Telematic and e-Learning Services Unit, University of Athens. The programme comprises: