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The workshop runs in two parts for two consecutive semesters (2nd and 3rd), with two-hour workshop sessions held weekly during the semester. Each part is attached to a core course: American Fiction (2nd semester) and Contemporary Anglophone Theatre (3rd semester). This program is geared toward helping students develop their writing and research skills in the areas of literature, criticism, theory and cultural studies. In the first course students work on short assignments (paragraph, short essay etc) while in the second students learn how to prepare a short research paper. The writing workshop takes up 20% of the final grade. The participation in the workshop is compulsory. The specific format and content of each course is designed by the workshop tutor, with the supervision, aid and approval of the main course instructor, who also assigns the topics for each part. More specifically, students learn how to:

  1. formulate a thesis statement;
  2. present and develop coherent argument (s);
  3. develop cohesive, well-organized and edited texts;
  4. document sources through the use of standard academic tools;
  5. edit, peer- edit, and revise written work;
  6. use information technology and electronic data, as well as library resources