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Creative Writing in the form of a seminar is taught for the first time by the Faculty of English Language and Literature at the University of Athens. It was introduced as an elective course in the spring of 1996 and as such it has completed a (14) fourteen-year exploration of the creative expression of the students who have attended it.

The aim of the seminar is the sensitization of its students to the many aspects of creative writing as well as the heightening of their critical thinking. The various dimensions of writing —the discovery of a subject, the cultivation of a personal style, the choice and the publication of a text, the publication of a book and its criticism— are revealed through the discussions of the students with esteemed Greek and foreign writers, publishers, critics and other representatives of the professional fields so that the students can better understand the social process of the development and support of creative writing.

The journal entitled a-formes is the product of the seminar, and it presents annually the best poems and short stories of the students, which are edited by Professor Liana Sakelliou-Schultz. To celebrate the 10 years of the seminar, on the 12th of October 2006, the professors of the seminar organized a celebration of the 52 best pieces of writing from all nine issues, which were read, recited, and performed by the students who wrote them, 20 of which were awarded. Then the book entitled morfes A was also presented to the public written by the seminarees, together with two performances (2008 and 2009) by the theatrical group “Aformes” formed by graduates of the Department. The Creative Writing seminar is taught by Professor and poet Liana Sakelliou-Schultz (poetry, fiction).