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This undergraduate interdepartmental programme, which the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens launched in 2003-2004, provides undergraduate students with opportunities to become familiar with the concerns of Gender Studies as an academic discipline. More importantly, it seeks to help students and university teachers become sensitive to issues related to the unequal distribution of social power between men and women in the local and international community. Furthermore, it provides a framework for everyone participating in the programme to contribute in making a change towards a gender-fair academic institution and a social reality where both men and women take an active role in participatory citizenry.

Each Faculty/Department offers a variety of courses, which are designed on the basis of the rationale of its curriculum, to its own students and also to students from other Schools and Faculties of the University. Those who choose to sit for the courses may acquire a ‘weak’ or ‘strong’ interdisciplinary perspective into gender studies and focus their attention on gender issues connected with their own or other academic disciplines.

Offering courses in Gender and Women’s Studies, besides the Faculty of English Language and Literature are:

  • The School of Law (Faculty of Law; Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration)
  • The School of Philosophy (Faculty of English Language and Literature; Faculty of Music Studies)
  • The School of Medicine
  • The School of Theology (Faculty of Theology; Faculty of Social Theology)
  • The School of Sciences (Faculty of Biology)
  • The independent Faculty of Communication and Media Studies
  • The independent Faculty of History and Philosophy of Science


  • Project: Developing a proposal for gender equity policies and their implementation in Greek universities and research institutions.
  • Series of lectures: Greek and foreign scholars who have carried out research, published in the field of gender studies and are able to offer insights to students and staff.

The programme was introduced thanks to E.U. and Greek state funding, provided through the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs.

Programme coordinators
Professor Bessie Dendrinos
E-mail: vdendrin[at]enl.uoa[dot]gr
Professor Stella Vosniadou
E-mail: svosniad[at]enl.uoa[dot]gr
Secretariat Lydia Vaiou
E-mail: lvaiou[at]isotita.uoa[dot]gr
Tel. : +30 210 3689923 & +30 210 3689924