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The Greek Element in Anglophone Literature MA programme consists of six taught courses evenly spread over two semesters and one final dissertation that is written in the third semester. Its courses have a comparative focus and seek to trace the diachronic and ever-fertile links between classical Greek studies, continental philosophy, contemporary theory, and Anglophone literature from the 16th century to the present. The aim of the programme is to explore the intertextual and intercultural connections that arise from the continuously growing interpretation, translation, and rewriting of ancient Greek texts and myths in the western and non-western literary traditions, in early but also late modernity.


This programme is geared towards students who have a background in the study of Anglophone Literature and Culture and are familiar with twentieth-century theories of Comparative Literature. Intended to educate a broad range of humanities graduates the programme trains participants to:

  • think critically about a literary work in relation to 20th c. literary theories
  • investigate literary representations of cultural categories such as gender and approach literature as a cultural practice, affected by history and society
  • employ comparative criticism and explore texts, critical theory and cultural conditions that are relevant to their lives and prospects.


MA STUDY GUIDE 2019-2021


The  medium of instruction is English and classes are held in the form of seminars. The programme also includes lectures and symposia with the participation of distinguished scholars in the relevant fields. Students are required to participate in class discussions and submit assignments and research papers for each course. Attendance is mandatory and evaluation is based on the students’ aggregate performance in all the above, as determined by the instructor of each course. Candidates who fail in any two courses in the same semester are asked to discontinue their studies.

The third semester is reserved for research and the completion of a 15.000-20.000- word dissertation. Students may proceed with the M.A. Dissertation only after having successfully completed all their coursework. Dissertation guidelines are available here.


For information on the application process for the programme see here.

Candidates who meet all the set requirements as well as pass both a written and an oral exam are admitted to the programme. A maximum of 10-15 students are selected for this area of study. Information on the entrance exam, including sample questions, is available here.


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