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Applied Linguistics

This is a 2-year taught programme. Students who are admitted into the programme do not have to pay tuition fees, but they are required to be full-time graduate students. A call for applications is announced every other year in June and entrance exams take place in September. Even when foreign students are holders of a provisional scholarship from the Greek state, they must meet the same entrance requirements as Greek students in order to be admitted into the programme. The programme does not permit provisional acceptance of any student in order for a scholarship to be applied for in advance.

Aspiring to educate rather than merely to train foreign language education professionals, the programme aims at providing opportunities for participants:

  • to think critically about language matters and about current issues concerning the teaching and learning of English, as well as English language testing and assessment
  • to understand how different theories about language and language learning lead to different practices of language teaching, testing, and assessment
  • to investigate and theorise practices around language teaching, learning, and assessment.

The first three semesters of the programme are devoted to course work and the fourth semester to research and the completion of the M.A. dissertation. The complete programme offers 120 credits (ECTS) of which:

  • 90 are gained from the successful completion of the courses listed below
  • 30 are gained from the successful completion of the M.A. Dissertation on a topic related to language teaching, learning and assessment (selected from a list)

The courses offered, which are all compulsory, are listed below by semester:
First semester
212- Interlingual and Intercultural Communication
313- Applied Linguistics Seminar
Second semester
111- Research Methods in Applied Linguistics and the Use of ICT
112- Theories of Second Language Acquisition-Learning
211- Current Issues in Linguistic Theory
Third semester
311- Language Testing and Assessment
312- EFL Syllabus Design and Materials Development

Coursework, Assessment, and Dissertation
The medium of instruction is English, but spoken Greek is required for field and project work. Classes are in the form of seminars, but the programme also includes lectures and symposia with the participation of distinguished scholars in the fields of linguistics, language education and testing. Students are required to participate in class discussions, do field work, and submit written assignments and research papers for each course. Attendance is mandatory and evaluation is based on the students’ aggregate performance in all the above, as determined by the instructor of each course. Candidates who fail in any two courses in the same semester are asked to discontinue their studies.

The last semester is reserved for research and the completion of a 15.000-20.000- word dissertation. Students may proceed with the M.A. Dissertation only after having successfully completed all their coursework.

This programme selects students who have a strong background in theoretical, applied, and interdisciplinary linguistics, and at least minimal experience in the teaching of English as a foreign language or related professional experience.

Faculty of English Language and Literature, School of Philosophy
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