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The University of Athens is confronted today with a variety of challenges, on the basis of which it is progressively articulating new goals for providing equal education opportunities to increasing numbers of students so that they may develop the required knowledge and skills to function as creative intellectuals and competent professionals in a rapidly changing society in the context of the European community. Recognizing the importance of human resource development, the University of Athens aims to create closer links between the worlds of the production and the consumption of knowledge, thus contributing to social and economic development in the country.
In order to respond to new challenges, some of the major steps that the University of Athens is taking include the following:

  • New Faculties and Departments which offer undergraduate programmes in novel areas of knowledge
  • Interdisciplinary programmes of study for different target groups
  • A great variety of taught and research-based postgraduate programmes
  • Laboratories, centres and library networks providing staff and students with facilities to use new technologies
  • Infrastructure for the use of ICT in education and the operation of e-classes
  • An academic and career information service
  • A business relations service
  • Organized programmes and bilateral agreements with European and other foreign educational and research institutions for the exchange of students, academic staff and young researchers
  • Academic and market-based research projects involving national and international partners
  • Better conditions for the learning of a variety of languages by Greek students and for the learning of Greek as a foreign language

The profile of the University of Athens is changing and hopes to play a dominant role in social mobility and in social change.