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The Faculty of English Language and Literature consists of the Department of Language and Linguistics and the Department of Literature and Culture. While all major policy decisions are made by the General Assembly of the Faculty, each Department has its own administration and relative academic autonomy. Both Departments offer courses which are taught and examined in English. The research opportunities relate to academic concerns of the staff.

Undergraduate studies at the Faculty lead to a degree in “English and Greek Language and Literature” and post graduate studies may lead to an MA degree either in Applied Linguistics or in Literature, Culture and Ideology, or a Ph.D. in literary and cultural studies or in language studies and linguistics.

The Faculty’s performance is internally evaluated annually and every five years or so it is externally evaluated. The last evaluation report is here.

The Faculty is an academic unit of the School of Philosophy, located at the university campus of the Zographou area, not far from the city centre. For more information about our location, click here.