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The Faculty Library was established in 1954 as a Study Centre and progressively developed into a Library. Since 1984 it has been operating with qualified librarians; in 1994 all its services became fully automated, and from 2000 on these services have become accessible electronically. Today its staff numbers 4 librarians, working under the academic direction of an elected member of the professorial staff. Organized on the basis of international regulations and standards for libraries, it is open 09:00-18:00 weekdays only.

Up until 2004, the Faculty Library belonged to one of the twelve (12) Central Libraries (CLs) of the University of Athens, which were created within the larger framework of a European-funded programme. All the libraries of the Foreign Language and Literature Faculties in the School of Philosophy belonged in the same CL category. Our Library was the main implementer of the pilot-project for this enterprise and continues at present to act as project coordinator.

Today, the 12 intitial CLs of the University of Athens have merged into 6 CLs, one of which comprises the Libraries of all the Faculties in the School of Philosophy, our Library included. The local computer network that operated initially in our Faculty’s Library was upgraded and connected to the Internet through the services of AthenaNET and the Libraries Computing Centre of the University. This link offers important advantages to library users. It allows them to search for bibliographical material and items on the Internet through the Library terminals available, but also from other terminals outside the University.