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The ELISES Project (Electronic Library Information System of English Studies)

In the larger framework of this project in which our Faculty Library is participating, but also in connection with the action directive for “Library Support and Enlargement” issued by the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, the creation of electronic sites on the Internet is not only suggested, but required. The goal of this process is the upgrading and enrichment of the services and functions of our Library for the benefit of its users. This electronic conversion, using the latest technologies, will mainly offer access to information and knowledge sources maintained by other libraries or organizations around the world and through telecommunications networks independent of location or type. This action, already in effect in the rest of Europe and in the U.S.A., is now being implemented in Greece by the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Athens and two more university partners who are developing a programme of Telematics for Libraries.

As can be derived from the above, the electronic upgrading of the Library constitutes a necessity for its placement within a developmental action programme and its being upgraded into electronic/digital/virtual library, according to international standards.