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9/09/2019 Event-presentation of volume, titled From Speech Acts to Lay Understandings of Politeness, in honor of Department of English Professor Emerita Mary Sifianou. Drakopoulos Amphitheatre, Central Halls of the University of Athens. Department of English Language and Literature
14/1/2018 Lecture by Faculty of English Ph.D. candidate George Giannakopoulos on Francois Truffaud's Les 400 Coups in the context of the event series "Cinema and Psychoanalysis" The New Lacanian School Greek Society (sole organizer)
June 2015 Donation of 33 books of Australian Literature to the Faculty of English Library by the Embassy of Australia The Australian Embassy of Athens
6/2/2014 Author Paul Auster interviewed by Faculty of English Ph.D. candidate George Giannakopoulos The Onassis Foundation
December 2014 Discussion of Ambassador John Griffin and Faculty Professor Mary Koutsoudaki on George Johnston's My Brother Jack, a novel written on the island of Hydra and  published 50 years ago. The Australian Embassy of Athens
22/20/2010 Dramatic Performance at the Athens School of Philosophy of “Tell-Tale Hearts: The (Un)Told Stories of E.A. Poe”  “The Bald Theatre” Group of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dir. Dr. Avra Sidiropoulou
27/09/2010 Lecture by Prof. Theodora Tsimpouki, “New York: An Autobiography or, How the ‘Big Apple’ Saw Itself Through Its Fiction”  Days of American Culture Series at the American Corner: The Hellenic American Union/ The Cultural Section of the American Embassy in Athens
22/05/2008 Drama Performance: “A Photograph: Hilda Doolittle”  Creative Writing Seminar of Prof. Liana Sakelliou, Faculty of English Studies, UoA
2008 Publication of Reconstructing Pain and Joy: Linguistic, Literary, and Cultural Perspectives  Cambridge Scholars Press; ed. by Chryssoula Lascaratou, Anna Despotopoulou, and Elly Ifantidou
21/06/2007 Faculty of English Studies,
56 Years of Education-Science-Research
22/11/2006 “An Evening with Jeffrey Moore”
The award-winning Canadian author, translator and Lecturer in Translation at the University of Ottawa read excerpts from his latest novel, The Memory Artists, while translator Vania Lambrinidou read extracts from its Greek edition (Empiria Publications, 2006)
The Canadian Studies Centre, in cooperation with the Canadian Institute in Greece 
12/10/2006 The A-formes event  -
09/03/2006 “Canada: Coast to Coast in Poetry, Prose and Legend”. Lecture open to the public by Walter Epp, Professor at Lakehead University, Canada. The Canadian Studies Centre, in cooperation with the Canadian Institute in Greece 
May 2005 “The importance of translation in literary studies” by President of the Greek Publishers, Giorgos Dardanos.  -
April-May 2005 Seminars and poetry readings by several contemporary Greek poets and writers (such as Kiki Demoula, Nanos Valaoritis)  -
20/03/2005 “Creative Writing Programs and their effect on the novels Lady and the Unicorn and Girl with Pearl Earring”. Creative writing seminar by American author Tracy Chevalier. The British Council 
1-2/03/2005 “Creative Writing,” “Music in Black Poetry,” “Poetry Reading and Translations”. Poetry readings and lectures open to the public by Colleen McElroy, American poet, writer, university professor and story teller, to celebrate February as The Month of Black History.  The Cultural Section of The American Embassy in Athens
18-29/10/2004 “International Joyce” A Celebration of 100 Years of Bloomsday. An exhibition in the Faculty Library of James Joyce’s life and works, with emphasis on Ulysses and the cultural impact of Joyce’s writing on Irish and world literature  The Irish Embassy in Athens
March-May 2004 Lecture series on creative writing issues by poets such as Katerina Angelaki-Rouke, and Giorgos Hronas, as well as shows of “poetic” films and talks by Greek  film directors.  -
08/05/2004 “Poststructuralist Feminisms: The Female Subject Under Construction”
Lecture and Faculty Workshop by Professor Nina Morgan
 UOA Interdepartmental programme of Gender Studies
17/04/2004 Book presentation of Pulitzer prize-winning novel Middlesex by its author, Jeffrey Eugenides  The Cultural Section of The American Embassy in Athens
11/03/2004 Lecture open to the public by distinguished British poet Tony Harrison  The British Council in Athens
21-23/05/2003 Lecture series on feminist issues in literature and criticism by Margaret Beetham, Professor of English Literature at Manchester Metropolitan University  Erasmus exchange programme
March-May 2003 Lecture series on creative writing issues by academics and poets, such as Dimitris Armaos, Nassos Vaghenas, Evangelos Sorogas, Don Schofield, Vassilis Tsimpoukis.  -
21-29/01/2003 Lecture series by Christopher Merrill, poet and Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Iowa: “Human Rights as Reflected on Contemporary Culture”, `”New Trends in Late 20th Century American Poetry”, “Used and Abused in an Urban American Environment”  The Cultural Section of The American Embassy in Athens
Anti-Lecture series on creative writing issues by various poets and university professors, such as Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Dimitris Armaos and Giorgos Koropoulis The Cultural Section of The American Embassy in Athens 
19/03/2002 Performance of two one-act plays by Harold Pinter, “The Dumbwaiter” and “The Lover” by the European Arts Company  The British Council in Athens
27/11/2001 “New British Writing” event organized to present the latest volume of the New British Writing series  The British Council in Athens