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3-4/3/2018 Undergraduate students participating at TESOL Greece Annnual Convention 

10th International Conference of the Hellenic Association for the Study of English Beyond the Ruin: Investigating the Fragment in English Studies  http://beyondtheruin.net/

13-15/9/2017  Beyond Meaning: International Conference, University of Brighton, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Université de Neuchâtel

Social and Political Discourses on Foreign Language Teaching in the EU-In honor of Prof. Bessie Dendrinos

25/10/2016   Shakespeare in Greece / Greece in Shakespeare, Department of English Language and Literature-Department of Theatre Studies

Regarding Nicolas Calas-International Symposium and Exhibition, School of Philosophy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens-Athens School of Fine Arts


Literature and Culture Colloquium: Postgraduate Student Conference
Invitation  Programme


International Poetry Symposium: "Living/Writing:Inner and Outer Landscapes of Irish and Greek Poets", organized by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece and the University of Lotz, Poland
Invitation   Photo Album


The War on the Human: Human as Right, Human as Limit, and the Task of the Humanities
Conference Review


4th Postgraduate Student Conference "Assessing Language and Analysing Discourse", Language and Linguistics Colloquium
Invitation - Programme

14/5/2014 1-day Conference: American Textures, American Contrasts
6/5/2014 Postgraduate Student Colloquium of the Faculty of English Language and Literature
26/04/2013 The Times They Are A-Changin: Λογοτεχνία και Φιλμ στη δεκαετία 1960
Invitation - Programme
1/2/2013  Urban Environments in Transition
6-7/11/2012 Theatre and Crisis
22/12/2011 Postgraduate Symposium in Applied Linguistics
19/12/2011 Postgraduate Symposium in Literature and Culture
22-29/9/2011 XIIIth International Conference Cognitive Modeling in Linguistics (CML-2011)
14/1/2011 America through the eyes of Europe
05-08/05/2010 “The Letter of the Law” Law Matters in Language and Literature.
8th International Conference of the Hellenic Association for the Study of English (HASE)
16/04/2010 Classical Heroism and Conflict: Revisiting Antique Warfare in the Medieval and Early Modern  Period
16/01/2010 2nd Postgraduate Conference in Applied Linguistics
07/06/2008 English Studies in the European context: Glocal perspectives and demands for a new type of citizenry
16/05/2008 Second Meeting on Lexicographic Theory and Practice
21-22/02/2008 Colloquium of the Postgraduate Programme of English Studies
11/05/2007 Walter Benjamin
04-05/11/2005 Bilingual Lexicography
20-23/10/2005 (Re)constructing Pain and Joy in Language, Literature and Culture
20-21/05/2005 14th Symposium on Critical Discourse Analysis
14-15/05/2004 Humanities within the Global Paradigm: English Literature, English Studies, Cultural Studies
03-06/12/2003 Choice and Difference in Translation
27/05/2003 World Shakespeare: Teaching, Translation, Performance
24-27/05/2002 The Periphery Viewing the World: Language, Literature, Media and Philosophy
21-24/05/2002 Reviewing Linguistic Thought: Perspectives into the 21st Century
19-21/10/2001 Plurilingualism and Language Politics in the E.U.: Foreign Language Education Policy in Greece
12/06/2000 Eros Theatrou. Women Playwrights International Conference
25-28/05/2000 Culture Agonistes: Text against Text